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I can't say enough good things about the staff at Factoria Hearing! Derek is very skilled & did the original assessment of my husband's hearing loss. Dr. Littman is a PhD / Audiology & teaches at the U.W. He tweaks the devices over time to accommodate real-life situations as the brain gets used to them & explains technical issues so we understand them. Bianca patiently handles billing, office management, & all other issues. We've dealt with all of them & highly recommend this business, & the device suggested. Couldn't be happier with services, patience, & skills of these providers!

Cheryl Zettler, Bellevue WA

May 15, 2016

One of the best gifts you can give a loved one is the gift of hearing. Thank you, Dr. Littman, for helping us have a fun retirement.  Our dog chewed up my husband’s hearing aids and he thought he could get along fine without them. 

Well, that was a mistake because we started having quite a bit of conflict. 

Fast forward 3 months: At the end of the day we have been commenting to each other “Today was another great day.” Suddenly it dawned on me that the hearing aids have made our life much less stressful and more enjoyable!

His old hearing aids did not fit well and he would take them off and leave them lying around.  Your understanding and tenacity to get everything right gave him not only good hearing but you blocked out the constant ringing in his ears.  He thought he would have that very irritating sound the rest of his life. Knowing you had your Ph.C. in audiology and a professor at the University of Washington gave us the confidence that you were on the cutting edge of the latest technology. You and your staff are the best 

Jane Biernoth

Good Morning Dr. Littman, Kathy & Bianca,

You people are out of this world; I can’t thank you enough for the kindness you showed me. I can’t believe how senseless I was to not have it professionally packaged, or have the package insured I am very great full to you because I wouldn’t have been unable to replace it because of our car accident where I had to purchase a new car, which created a huge hole in our retirement budget.

God bless you all and have a very happy Thanksgiving,



I apologize that is has taken me a while to write this, but I want to tell you how much my mother and I deeply appreciated the help of your staff – Wed. Sept 24. You will remain on my ‘recommendation list.

My mother is from North Dakota and was here for medical issues. Her hearing aids failed due to wax build up and she was due for an important exam – she needed to hear! I called several local hearing aid offices and no one would help – except yours! I is difficult to find compassion in today’s world – your receptionist was caring enough to work with us. Kudos! And we got to the appointment on time.

Geraldine Haugen

Dear Dr. Thomas Littman and Mrs. Bianca Piette:

I don’t know where to begin. By using my new hearing aids I was able to hear right away and it changed completely my life.

Now, I know the difference between not- hearing and hearing. When adjusting the hearing aids in Izmir/Turkey,  I was able to her from the first moment. I felt like I was born again.  First time I am able to hear at home and work. While walking in the park I can hear tree branches most importantly, first time ever I was able to hear the sound of birds. I can’t describe the feeling  of hearing because no one could explain the to me the bird sound.

In the past, I hesitated attending meetings because I couldn’t hear. I was tiered for not able to hear and want to escape because I might be giving a wrong answer and people would laugh at me. Since wearing your hearing aids I don’t have any problem attending any meeting and have more confident. I can’t explain how happy I am. Thanks to you, from now on, I can enjoy my social life. Thank you Mrs. Bianca you are a wonderful human being…..Thank you Dr. Thomas Littman for your support and will always remember your kindness and help…everything I hear is due to your knowledge..You have become part of my life. ..because thanks to you I am able to hear.


Hi Dr Tom Littman/Bianca,

I want to say "Thanks You"  to both of you for the support you have provided me from last one year to regain my confidence and my life by providing me best solution to my hearing loss. I want to describe my background & suffering I have gone through for years due to hearing loss and how your consultation and Starkeys SoundLens changed my life.

 I was born in India as normal child, my mom was suffered hearing loss due to Otosclerosis, she got operated in one of her ear which was failure and now she is suffering total deafness in operated ear and another ear she has profound hearing loss.

I lost my hearing in mid twenties due to same decease and I am suffering from severe hearing loss in both ears. Getting operated was my major concern and if failed I will loose total hearing, hence operating was out of questions, however  I never used hearing aids, as I never wanted people to know about my hearing loss. I myself  never accepted my hearing loss and had suffered emotionally, My life was full of frustration and distress , it took around 10 years for me to accept my hearing loss, but concerns remains the same.

  • Will I hear sound like I use to hear when I had normal hearing?
  • People  who I know will consider me disabled if they see my hearing aids
  • Friends will make fun of mine.
  • I will  be lease preferred candidate for new project or new jobs.
  • I will not be able to play games I like, by wearing my hearing aids. Etc.

Being an IT professional I was required to attend several meeting with clients on daily basis, and it was becoming more and more difficult  for me due to hearing loss. "Sorry", "What?", "I beg a Pardon" etc. were regular words. Now it was high time that I need to find solution. I did lot of research on internet and consulted several doctors before I came to your office with my problem, and indeed I am glad that I reached you, you heard all my concerns and provided best solution to my problem. Starkeys SoundLens.. Wow..It totally changed my life. I don't have words to express my feeling. From last one year I am living normal life as I was living before my hearing loss.

  • My Family life has improved, my wife is the most happiest person, as she can talk in soft instead of loud tone with me and I can hear her without asking to repeat her.
  • My professional life has improved, my skills are enhanced and I am learning more and more, Now I don't just attend meeting, but I am driving most of them.
  • My social life has improved ,  I am regular in social gathering and events.
  • These Hearing aids are totally invisible, no one can even recognize that I am wearing it, sound that I hear is totally normal. Trust me, I never faced feedback problem with Starkey's SoundLens.
  • These hearing aids are custom fits deep in the canal and hence I can run, and play like normal person. However I take care of these when I do so.

"Thank you from bottom of my heart for providing me best solution for my hearing loss and for addressing all my concerns and very special thanks for the wonderful service you had provided me throughout the year and tolerated my questions and concern and very special Thanks to Starkey for building such an amazing technology. Thanks and Regards,

Rajendra R Bandal

I started going to Dr. Littman at Factoria Hearing Center when we permanently moved to the Seattle area. I could not be more satisfied with the level of professionalism, service and attention to detail. My hearing stared to decline over 10 years ago, and I have never had better recommendations, and overall service from any audiologist I’ve used in the past. These folks really care! I highly recommend Dr. Tom and his staff to anyone in need of hearing aids and other hearing services. A huge 10!

Suzanne B of North Bend, WA

As a purchaser of hearing aids for over 30 years I was deeply impressed by the high degree of professionalism shown to me Dr. Littman and his staff. Since they have available more than one brand of Aid, every effort was made to ensure I received the maximum quality of hearing for the lowest possible cost. Hearing aids are not purchased on the basis that one brand fits all. If everyone tells you that, you may have a hearing problem--don't hesitate. Make an appointment with Factoria Hearing and they will help you rejoin our world of sounds!

Wesley Phillips of Mercer Island/WA

I feel fortunate to have had the benefit of Dr. Tom Littman's expertise ever since I developed a hearing loss. Besides the invaluable improvement to my hearing ability, I have found him to be meticulous, conscientious, and generous, even paying a house call when I was unable to get to his office.

Jean Burch Falls of Seattle/WA

Dr. Tom Littman is the best. My daughter has sensorineural hearing loss. Tom's care is thorough, kind, and patient. He is up to date on the latest technology, and he always has my daughter's best interest in mind. If there is a problem, he is dedicated to finding a positive solution. When it comes to my daughter's hearing needs, I know she is in capable, caring hands.

Julie of Redmond/WA

I first visited Factoria Hearing Center about a year ago and consider myself very fortunate to have met Dr. Littman who is an excellent professional standing out among many others I consulted about my hearing loss. He is refined and careful. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments he painstakingly optimized the earpiece to enhance my hearing potential. I am grateful for what he gave me-an excellent quality of service.

Timothy Fann of Mercer Island/WA

Over the past nine years my daughter Sarah has been fortunate enough to have Dr. Tom Littman has her audiologist. When she was 4 years old, Sarah was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss. When we met with Dr. Littman for the first time he immediately eased our fears and helped us understand the diagnosis. Sarah loved visiting Dr. Littman with his fun ties and delightful personality. It didn't take long to realize that he was a top notch audiologist and a wonderful advocate for my daughter. He helped us obtain the equipment necessary for Sarah to be successful in school and made sure that it was always in working order.

Sarah loves that Dr. Littman stays on top of technology and is excited to see what cool computer gadgets he has for testing her hearing and her equipment. We wouldn't think of going to any other audiologist for Sarah. We are grateful that we found Tom and appreciate all he has done for Sarah.

Stacy of WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Littman for the past six months and have been a hearing aid user for the last ten years of my life. I have never had such a positive experience form an audiologist in king county as I did with Dr. Littman. Dr. Littman took the time needed to explain my hearing loss to me, which I was very grateful for, not to mention the office staff was very helpful and kind. I am very pleased to have such a great audiologist as Dr. Littman. I would very highly recommend Dr. Littman to everyone or everybody in need of an audiologist.

D. S. of Bellevue

My wife and I moved to the Seattle area just over one year ago. Since it was a move of considerable distance, it was necessary to establish new relationships with such professionals as physician, dentist, and audiologist. The search for a specialist to update my hearing aids, based primarily on Web perusal, led to several alternatives to which I devoted my attention. The Factoria Hearing Center came out on top, initially on the basis of the understanding response to my first telephone call to Bianca Piette, the Center's director, and then by the beginning consultation with its audiologist, Dr. Thomas Littman. The early sessions proceeded on through a plentiful array of tests and the fitting of a (for me) new type of hearing aid. Unfortunately, the new type did not work - it did not remain comfortably in my ear. Without hesitation, or additional cost, Dr. Littman simply took the measurements for another hearing aid and ordered it from the manufacturer. The result has been magnificent; the aid is comfortable and stable, and my hearing is better than ever. All that was accomplished in the context of an extremely pleasant office, run by Ms. Piette, and an extraordinarily competent and devoted audiologist, Dr. Littman. I felt thoroughly comfortable (comfortableness approaching an "at home" feeling) in the Center and awareness of the kind of attention to my hearing needs that was well over and beyond reasonable expectations.

Dr. Binder of Newcastle/WA

I have worn hearing aids for about 25 years but have only enjoyed full benefit from them for the last six years - since my first visit to Dr. Littman in Bellevue/WA. I had been having constant problems with other aids including feedback, discomfort due to poor earmold fit on left side (canal is constricted) and malfunction because of the moist environment where I work. It was so bad that I was often going without one or both aids! Tom was able to fit me with a set that eliminated these problems. I see him a couple times a year for a few minutes of maintenance and an occasional hearing test. He uses the test to "update" the aids - with a special computer program - and they remain trouble free. My hearing loss is pretty severe but it doesn't exclude me from society any more. I am grateful.

John M. Seidler/ Oregon

After far too many years slowly withdrawing from social encounters and finally having to give up a new job because I couldn't hear the instructor I seriously began researching in- depth hearing aids and providers. I talked to my doctor, an ENT, my insurance company (like they are of any help on hearing aids), the internet and acquaintances. I determined to take my doctor's referral first and start interviewing until I found someone I felt comfortable with.

I struck gold on my first attempt with Dr. Tom Littman and Bianca at Factoria Hearing Center. It has been a great adventure "hearing" again and not guessing what someone has said and responding inappropriately. Even my neighbors are grateful to them as I no longer have to have my TV and other audio equipment set at 60-70 decibels rather than 20-30 range which is normal. Appointments are like visits with family as they are both so caring and easy to talk to. Dr. Littman is 'THE friend of the hearing impaired' that everyone should have. He has the patience of Job, the wisdom of the Sages, the knowledge of a Rhodes Scholar in his field and products and Bill Gates in fine tuning the computers. I hear sounds I had forgotten existed, the ticking of the turn signal in my car; the timer buzzer on the microwave; the wind; the motor in my refrigerator; understanding my granddaughter on the phone; the person sitting next to me. Not only is Dr. Tom dedicated to the welfare of his own patients he commits his time and energy as a spokesman in Washington DC for the improvement of Medicare benefits and other insurers' plans for the hard of hearing including the necessary implements for the safety, mental and emotional health of seniors and others. FACTORIA HEARING should be your first and last stop for professional hearing assessment and the utmost restoration possible.

You'll be a winner too.

Bobbi Skinner of Renton/WA

When I started having trouble hearing my students in class, I knew I had to do something to improve my hearing, but I really didn't know where to start. Dr. Littman understood that, and spent plenty of time explaining my hearing loss and discussing my day-to-day lifestyle and listening needs. We decided that I should try hearing aids. I will admit that I was apprehensive at first, but Dr. Littman helped make my adjustment to hearing aids comfortable and successful. I was amazed by the technology used to program and adjust my hearing aids while I was wearing them. The hearing aids have helped me hear much better than before and I wish I had taken this step sooner. I have moved out of the Bellevue area, but I will gladly drive the hour or so to his office as needed.

Chuck Loomis of Edmonds/WA